Thursday, May 15, 2008

little bird

I sewed this little bird by hand while I was sick last week. Foolishly I thought, "This is so tiny, it will take no time at all! It will be an easy little project." Ha! Sewing a little thing with a curved edge is the most fiddly thing imaginable. Sewing a giant one on the machine would have taken a tiny fraction of the time! It's funny how people assume that large hand-made objects are "worth" more. Oh well, it is a cute little bird nonetheless, and it certainly made me appreciate my machine!

Monday, May 5, 2008

my house

I always like seeing pictures of other people's houses, so I thought I'd share a couple of photos that Lisa took last weekend. Other craft bloggers' houses seem to look like they have been styled for a magazine, but I can't compete with that, so these are candid shots (as in, I didn't know she was taking them till I saw them on her Flickr).

This is the 'dining' (sewing, drawing, dumping piles of things) room. It contains most of our books (although we have another bookcase in the study and one in the hall, and one still in the box waiting to be made up [thank you, IKEA]). A few points:

1. That iron has never been used for clothing, only for fabric. I HATE IRONING

2. My fabric stash on the right-hand side grew this weekend, thanks to a trip to Textile Traders and Spotlight with Lisa!

3. Yes it is always this messy

4. Actually this is pretty tidy compared to how it usually looks

A little corner of the kitchen, where a few ornaments and a teapot were dumped in the unpacking process, when I was promising myself that I would go through and order everything beautifully later (this was a year ago). Still, they look rather nice together!