Friday, April 30, 2010

sewing a skirt

I'm not going to feel bad and apologise for neglecting this blog because that is how life goes. It is 2010 and everyone is neglecting their blog. I am a busy lady! But lately, even though I have been busier than ever (or perhaps because of that?) I have been itching to make things and talk about making things.

I bought the most beautiful boots: brown leather, almost knee-high. This made me realise that a) I only have black skirts and b) my winter skirts are all very long. After a brief look for non-black, knee-length skirts I quickly realised it would be quicker and cheaper to make my own, so I've bought some nice brown material with tiny stripey checks (I know, very confusing, photo forthcoming). I'm thinking of making it along the lines of Angry Chicken's 5-Minute Skirt: cut on the bias (so the check forms diamonds instead of squares, and also so I can check out the magical qualities of bias-cut clothes for myself), but with a casing and elastic instead of fold-over elastic (I think the fabric might be too heavy for that). I have heard that hemming a bias-cut garment is a pain in the ass but I think it's worth it.

Here is my only concern: the fabric has a little bit of stretch, but only in one direction (across, not top-to-bottom). Is that going to ruin the bias cut? I would very much appreciate feedback from more advanced sewists!

(Image: Neighborhood House Sewing Club, St. Paul)