Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey, didn't this blog used to be about making stuff?

This Christmas (yes, I know, it's only six months ago, jeez) I decided to make a plush toy for my first ever nephew, Oscar. I wanted to make something colourful and fun but soft and safe.

The original sketch. I wanted something simple and huggable (and easy to sew).

I made a simple template with paper and used super-soft 'minky' fabrics and felt.

"I wonder if I can pull these off and choke on them?"


Thursday, June 16, 2011

nails: light blue

This is Scene Queen from Chi Chi. I thought I'd give this cheap and cheerful brand a go when I saw it in Myer, but it's absolutely crap. The colour is cute but the application was a nightmare. It went on chalky and streaky, and although I left it to dry for nearly half an hour between coats it still ended up with a horrible finish. I would never buy anything from this brand again, and will probably never use this bottle again. I hate you, Chi Chi!

A much more successful buy was this pair of tights, also from Myer (department store sales = excellent time to buy hosiery). They're Jonathon Aston Luxury tights in Lipstick Pink. This photo doesn't even do justice to their brightness-- today was cloudy and gloomy and my legs seemed to be glowing. I heartily recommend Jonathon Aston, especially for chubby girls-- they actually make a larger size that is comfortable and come in lots of fun colours. I'm glad I bought two pairs!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Someone found my site by searching for "greatest championship hats of all time".



I found my cowboy boots! After searching without success for ankle-high flat-heeled cowboy boots, I came across these Blowfish Tulsa boots on I remembered my friend Liz buying a pair of Blowfish boots so after consultation I took the plunge (they were on sale for $60 so I couldn't resist). I am a size 8 and ordered UK size 7 (which, as it turns out, I need to wear thick socks with, so I could probably go down to 6).

These boots are SO COMFY. I have actually been wearing them around the house on cold days, and I rarely wear shoes indoors. The soles feel like they have gel insoles. And they're still $60 with no shipping!

Now all I need is a shapeless, floral-printed dress and a long brown wig and I can unleash my Prairie Lunatic look on the streets!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

nails: gold

I recently started painting my nails, and it made me really happy. So I thought I would take photos and share them here, for some reason.

This is a Revlon polish in 'Gold Get 'Em', a seriously terrible name but I guess in this stage of human history they have used up all the good names. I picked this up in the Myer sale for $3.45. It's a really lovely, subdued shade of gold, if you can imagine such a thing. I had to load on three coats to get it opaque, and it would also look pretty and soft with one or two coats. It's my first Revlon polish (as recommended by Suzanne) and I really liked it. It went on easy and dried quickly. It didn't last as long as my favourite, Rimmel, but it was about 5 days before it started to chip at the top edge. It actually made me realise how yellow my skin is, because at a certain angle it looked like a nude shade. Anyway, high marks and one of my favourite shades so far.

Friday, June 10, 2011

oh nurse

Yesterday I was getting a vaccination and I had to lift my shirt up.

Nurse: Oh, that's a nice bra!
Me: Um, thanks! It's really comfortable.
Nurse: My husband likes me to wear sexy bras, but I'd rather wear something like that!

Then she stuck a needle in my arm.

what is... blog?

After an enthusiastic burst of blogging, I've been silent here. The reason is that I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be. Well, the reason is 75% laziness but 20% wondering, and 5% forgetfulness.

I started this as a craft blog, when crafting was my #1 obsession. I still craft, and read craft blogs, but there's lots more stuff I want to talk about.

I worry, though, that what I want to talk about isn't what you want to read about. If you came here to read about sewing, are you interested in my humour? If you came here because you read my comics, are you going to be annoyed if I post about nailpolish or perfume?

I guess the question comes down to why I have a blog. Is it to gain lots of readers and receive revenue/free presents/friends/love? Well, probably not, since I leave it sitting here alone for weeks at a time. I'm a busy lady and most of my free time is spent making comics and other things. So maybe this blog should be where I write about anything I like, and if you like reading it, you can come along.

Tell me: what would you like me to write about? Or should I just write about whatever I like?