Friday, June 10, 2011

what is... blog?

After an enthusiastic burst of blogging, I've been silent here. The reason is that I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be. Well, the reason is 75% laziness but 20% wondering, and 5% forgetfulness.

I started this as a craft blog, when crafting was my #1 obsession. I still craft, and read craft blogs, but there's lots more stuff I want to talk about.

I worry, though, that what I want to talk about isn't what you want to read about. If you came here to read about sewing, are you interested in my humour? If you came here because you read my comics, are you going to be annoyed if I post about nailpolish or perfume?

I guess the question comes down to why I have a blog. Is it to gain lots of readers and receive revenue/free presents/friends/love? Well, probably not, since I leave it sitting here alone for weeks at a time. I'm a busy lady and most of my free time is spent making comics and other things. So maybe this blog should be where I write about anything I like, and if you like reading it, you can come along.

Tell me: what would you like me to write about? Or should I just write about whatever I like?


sky said...

Write about whatever you like! It's your blog, and there are enough other places (like work, boo hiss) where you need to write what other people want you to.

Annette said...

Yes, write whatever interests you :)

Suzanne said...

Write about what you like. Most people have multiple and varied interests and respond to an aesthetic as opposed to one particular genre. I think your aesthetics strong and that'll carry it.

in summary: just write stuff.

Niina A. said...

Write about whatever, I've always liked your blog posts whether they were humourous, comics, fashion, craft :)

Michelle said...

Write the blog you'd love to read, m'dear. That's all that matters. (:

Lizzy said...

I concur with everyone else. Write about what you're interested in. I pretty much read blogs exactly to find out about stuff that I might not know that I'm interested in.