Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey, didn't this blog used to be about making stuff?

This Christmas (yes, I know, it's only six months ago, jeez) I decided to make a plush toy for my first ever nephew, Oscar. I wanted to make something colourful and fun but soft and safe.

The original sketch. I wanted something simple and huggable (and easy to sew).

I made a simple template with paper and used super-soft 'minky' fabrics and felt.

"I wonder if I can pull these off and choke on them?"



Crystal said...

So cute!!! I think you need to make a Jessica Monster and make it a plushie!! =:)

dempss01 said...

I love this! You're very talented indeed :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Aww that's so cute!

Jessica McLeod said...

@Crystal: I am in fact half plushie on my mother's side! ;)

@dempss01: Aw, shucks!

@Vintage Makeup: Thank you very much!