Sunday, July 3, 2011

supanova perth 2011

Last weekend (god, was it only last weekend?) I sold my comics, badges and other paraphernalia at Supanova Perth with Luke, Suzanne and my husband Robert (Grug). It was a fantastic turnout, and they've had to expand the floorspace considerably. We had the best sales in our history, and had an amazing time meeting fans and friends. And of course, I took photos!

There were so many adorable kids in costumes!

We always let the kids we photograph choose a free badge.

I always love seeing the Lolita-style fashions at Supanova. This girl was my favourite, everything about her style was lovely!

There was so many great costumes, from the quirky...

to the original...

to the spectacular.

There are more photos in my Flickr set, check it out if you like baby Batmans!*

*This is a trick, everybody likes baby Batmans.


Suzanne said...

I did not see Zombie legoman!! He's amazing!

Michelle said...

NO FACE! Aaaaahhh!