Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is Super Nudie Breakfast Juice, which I bought because a) look at it! and b) it has chia seeds, which I've wanted to try ever since I read Born to Run. This juice tastes as weird as it looks! It has lots of cinnamon, some apple and banana, as well as the seeds. The mouthfeel is kind of slimy, in that way that banana always is, and I had to drink it really slowly because my OCD tendencies forced me to stop and crunch as many of the little seeds as possible instead of just swallowing them. It was pretty nice though!

In conclusion: I don't know why I took a photo of my juice and blogged about it. Thank you for your time!


sky said...

We got some chia seeds a little while ago, because I am a crazy person who likes to buy strange health foods and then hide them in the back of our cupboard when I realise I have no idea how to eat them.

They're quite nice lightly toasted and sprinkled on stuff, though.

Suzanne said...

i cant bear to have anything in my juice. i used to strain my orange juice. this would basically make me flip the fuck out

Jessica McLeod said...

Sky: They suck up moisture, so they are good in drinks! I eat muesli bars with Chia and the seeds get stuck in my teeth and then they swell up. It's pretty cool. I guess I have a weird idea of what cool means?

Suzanne: It was so weird! I am the same way with strawberry seeds in smoothies, I have to stop and chew up each one :P