Thursday, July 7, 2011

nails: teal

This is one of my favourite shades, Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sky High. This isn't a great light (winter makes blog photography difficult!) but it's a perfect teal: it looks blue against green and green against blue. A beautiful and suprisingly wearable colour. I bought it because it looked so pretty on my friend Liz, who was also the person who recommended Rimmel polish.

And let me pass on the recommendation to you! Rimmel is absolutely the best nailpolish brand I have used. It goes on thick and nearly-opaque (I never need more than two coats) and wears well. (The photo above is after several days' wear). They're really cheap, too: 60 Seconds is around AUD $8 in Priceline (and there's a 2 for $10 sale on now).

Note: Rimmel didn't pay me any money to say nice things about their nailpolish, although I wish they would.


Suzanne said...

That looks fantastic! Oddly enough I own no blue nail polish. Mostly because I don't like the color blue except on other people. I should give it a shot :)

Owning the metallic silver version of what you're wearing, I absolutely reiterate that Rimmel polishes are AMAZING.

dempss01 said...

Love this colour! The photo is really well taken too! And I agree - Rimmel polishes are gorgeous :)