Friday, October 31, 2008


The last couple of weeks have been absolutely manic for me. Pretty much every day I have been coming home, eating dinner, and working on comics and craft stuff till it's time for bed. Maybe that's why I had a brainfail and forgot to take a picture of the plush birdie I made! Luckily Ali J took this lovely photo of it.

It's part of a window display for the annual Windows on William project here in Perth. (If you live in Perth, the shop if Fi & Co!) This year the Made on the Left collective made up a window, and I contributed the bird and two pieces of painted jewellery (a brooch and a ring). The bird was such a pain to make! I hate sewing a curved bit to a straight bit. Oh, you know what I mean! Anyway I think it turned out pretty okay. I love that mushroom fabric so much! The orange fabric is corduroy, another favourite. The theme was 'Spring' and I think it fits nicely. You can also see a couple of my comics on the side there!

You can see more photos at .

Thursday, October 30, 2008

painted doll

Wooden doll

I painted this little doll for my mother's birthday. I bought the wooden body from a wonderful Etsy seller, Goosegrease. (She also paints her own lovely dolls, they're worth checking out!) It was a fun little project, but painting on a curved surface is a very different challenge to painting on canvas! I'd like to more of these, perhaps a few for my exhibition?