Friday, July 15, 2011

nails: grurple

After seeing Michelle of Eat Paint Sniff Glue rave about Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 370: Commander in Chic in her Monday Manicure post, I had to try it! It's a really hard colour to describe: the closest I can come is a grey-mauve, which my husband dubbed "grurple."

It's kind of silly but the thing I really like about this colour is that it contains all colours and shades. It's got blue and red to make the purple; yellow to muddy it and add a little brown; and black and white for the grey. It looks a bit like a paint palette when you mix everything together before you wash it (not because you need to, just because it's fun).

The application was okay but not amazing, which was surprising; I thought that since Sally Hansen products are synonymous with nails it would be the best application ever, but it was a little more slow-drying than my beloved Rimmel polishes. Still miles better than cheapo brands, but for $16 (as opposed to Rimmel for less than $10) I was expecting a miracle.

I'll definitely be reapplying it, though. It's a lovely soft, chic colour for winter. Grurple!


Michelle said...

Grurple! It totally is.

If you're used to the Rimmel 60sec polishes, there aren't many others out there that dry so quickly. I love them too.

But I also love how you don't hold a boring old bottle of polish (like I do) in your nail posts. d:

Jessica McLeod said...

Michelle: Thank you! It's really fun choosing a 'setting' for the photo. Actually it was your Monday Manicure posts that inspired me to start doing NOTD posts!