Thursday, June 16, 2011

nails: light blue

This is Scene Queen from Chi Chi. I thought I'd give this cheap and cheerful brand a go when I saw it in Myer, but it's absolutely crap. The colour is cute but the application was a nightmare. It went on chalky and streaky, and although I left it to dry for nearly half an hour between coats it still ended up with a horrible finish. I would never buy anything from this brand again, and will probably never use this bottle again. I hate you, Chi Chi!

A much more successful buy was this pair of tights, also from Myer (department store sales = excellent time to buy hosiery). They're Jonathon Aston Luxury tights in Lipstick Pink. This photo doesn't even do justice to their brightness-- today was cloudy and gloomy and my legs seemed to be glowing. I heartily recommend Jonathon Aston, especially for chubby girls-- they actually make a larger size that is comfortable and come in lots of fun colours. I'm glad I bought two pairs!


Suzanne said...

oh maan. I'll check out those tights. Similarly I've found the Leona Edminstons (the pattern ones,havent tried opaques) to be really good for curvier ladies.

CRAP my winter needs more bright tights

Michelle said...

I love those tights. I've never tried anything by Chi Chi, but the weird lips over rainbow gradient have told me not to.