Tuesday, June 14, 2011

nails: gold

I recently started painting my nails, and it made me really happy. So I thought I would take photos and share them here, for some reason.

This is a Revlon polish in 'Gold Get 'Em', a seriously terrible name but I guess in this stage of human history they have used up all the good names. I picked this up in the Myer sale for $3.45. It's a really lovely, subdued shade of gold, if you can imagine such a thing. I had to load on three coats to get it opaque, and it would also look pretty and soft with one or two coats. It's my first Revlon polish (as recommended by Suzanne) and I really liked it. It went on easy and dried quickly. It didn't last as long as my favourite, Rimmel, but it was about 5 days before it started to chip at the top edge. It actually made me realise how yellow my skin is, because at a certain angle it looked like a nude shade. Anyway, high marks and one of my favourite shades so far.


Suzanne said...

niiice. gold looks very subtle on me as well, I think it's just how it's composed... so weird to think that gold can be so subtle, but it pretty much is as a nail color.

Also, ukulele nail shot: awesome.

Michelle said...

FIVE DAYS WITHOUT CHIPPING?! You must tell me your secrets. All of them.

Ukuleles for life. I once sewed a plush uke. (:

Jessica McLeod said...

Suzanne: I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks on your pale skin!

Michelle: I have short nails, I think that must be it! I just use a Sally Hansen top coat and that seems to keep everything shiny and in place. Also, my husband does the dishes :)