Sunday, June 10, 2007

jessica insists on yet another blog

I have a comics blog, and a (largely neglected, although this is shortly to be remedied) blog for random thoughts and other things. But yes, I need another one. This one is for craft: making things that aren't comics. This blog is for different readers, I guess: people who aren't interested in comics (although I find this confusing and strange) and just want to see pictures of things I make, and sometimes photos I take, and that sort of thing.

Anyway, I am finishing off my doctoral degree and I feel full of the desire to make things. I know that if I share the things I'm making, I'll be more motivated to work on them and finish them.

To start me off, here is a picture of an old project, an amigurumi monkey called Calvin that I made for my friend Zoe. I love amigurumi because it's so unstructured: you just increase for a while till it's big enough, then decrease after a while till it's small enough. And you can pull out your stitches and not have to pick them back up! Brilliant. I made this one freestyle, just trial and error. I like the way he turned out: kind of cheeky-looking.


Tanukitsune said...

That monkey is SOOOO CUTE! X3

Is there anything you do that isn't cute?

If you put stuff like this on an Etsy store, you'd RULE THE WORLD! WUA HA HA!

bloo_smoo said...

You should totally get an Etsy store.

Trelly Stegosaur said...

Hello Jessica, I like your stuff! But actually i also have a question i'd like to ask you. See, i too have a blogspot blog but i can't seem to be able to stop the images from being all reduced and weird and ugly - can you tell me how come it's not doing that on yours? I would be eternally grateful... Thank you!

tall guy said...

Love the monkey.

Belinda said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your little monkey, the little face has so much personality. Great banner as well, gorgeous!

inkberryblue said...

Calvin is absolutely adorable!