Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas mantlepiece

We have had the same stuff up on our mantlepiece, more or less, since we moved into our house eighteen months ago. Since we don't have room for a tree, I decided to decorate it for Christmas. I had so much fun I think I will try to do this regularly, and post photos.

Mantlepiece, December 2008

Mantlepiece: right side

Mantlepiece: right side

Baby bunting

Baby bunting

The bunting was really fun and easy to make. I was inspired by Heart Handmade's Wee Bunting, and I enjoyed it so much I made extra for my office! Using felt to back the pieces is a good idea, because it gives the bunting enough weight and stiffness to hang properly. I didn't worry about getting the pieces the same size or even nice neat triangles, and I think it looks much better that way.


cseneque said...

This is adorable!
I love your bunting and the sweet colour scheme.

catsmum said...

I love the baby bunting.

gine said...

I saw that on flickr, it's really cute :-)!!


Osier! said...
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Osier! said...

i am SO JEALOUS of your awesome mantlepeice.

especially those printing trays.... want...