Sunday, September 6, 2009

sunday morning

On Thursday night, doing our week's shopping, we bought a new kind of fruit toast for the weekend's breakfasts. Unfortunately, when we tried it on Saturday, I wasn't impressed. It was very sweet, with lots of dates and raisins, and it had a dense, chewy texture I wasn't crazy about. So on Sunday morning, I decided to make French toast with it.

This is one of those foods that you wonder why you don't make more often. It's so fast, takes so little effort, and produces such a spectacular result. Okay, it's not the healthiest breakfast, but you can tweak it to reduce the damage. I dip the bread in a mixture that is more low-fat milk than egg (about 1.5 parts to 1 part), and it works beautifully. This morning I planned to caramelise some bananas (first step: learn how to caramelise bananas) to put on top but I didn't have time, so I decided to leave it till next time. I don't think I'll bother, though, because I tried fresh bananas on top and it was absolutely perfect. The combination of fruit toast, cinnamon, banana and maple syrup was incredible.


David "losttoy" Ano said...

A good tip for french toast is to leave the bread out over night to get dry. That way in the morning the bread will soak up the egg mixture better.

Jessica McLeod said...

That's a good tip, but I actually prefer my French toast to be lightly coated in the batter instead of soaked. (I am weirdly fussy about egg.)

Jessica said...

That looks insanely delicious. I think fruit goes much better with French toast than it does with pancakes for some reason.

When I was a kid we had ducks and we used to make AMAZING french toast with their eggs. Duck eggs are very big and the bread would get these little fried egg parts around the edges. MMMM.