Friday, March 18, 2011

being a girl

I am so easily influenced. Since Suzanne (blogger and Sexy Librarian) has been blogging about beauty products, I have been thinking more about make-up and skincare and all the other Lady Stuff I have mostly ignored throughout my adult life. Lucky she isn't blogging about how to firebomb French restaurants! (Although since her message seems to be "buy yourself presents and look pretty" I guess it's easy to allow myself to be persuaded.)

Anyway, I've been thinking about how much nicer and healthier I look when my lips are nearly chapped. Not when they actually get to the chapped stage, but when they're all red and rosy. I hate the feeling of lipstick, all greasy and thick, and I really don't want something coming off on my coffee cup/water bottle/husband. So I asked Suzanne whether there was anything that would feel like nothing but would make me look like I'd been eating red lollies.

She told me about a magical thing called lip stains. I've been looking at various products in make-up shops (man, I never noticed all these make-up shops around! They're everywhere!) but I didn't see anything that fit.

Today I went into a very cute store called Kit in Enex100 and found this magic stuff (pictured above). I know, it looks insanely dark and purple, but a little bit makes you look like you've been eating mulberries: just a subtle stain. (I can't imagine putting it on my cheeks though, what the hell?) It was $22, which seems like an inordinate amount of money for a little tube of coloured goo but it should last for ages because a) I only used a tiny bit and b) I will probably keep forgetting to put it on and lose interest in being a Fancy Lady and get excited about hula-hooping or something.

The girl in the shop was very sweet and insisted on painting it onto my lips with a teeny tiny brush while I perched on a teeny tiny chair. She was horrified when I told her that I didn't even own foundation and tried to get me to sign up for a make-up lesson. I said I'd think about it, but I probably won't. What if she makes me look so beautiful I have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff and spend half an hour every day painting it on? That's money I could be spending on books! And time I could be spending on naps! And books!

Are you a Fancy Lady? Can you give me any tips?

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Suzanne said...

they will indeed last for ages. Have a tube of this (the lip gloss though) which I've been hauling around for three years? I think?

And I only really started wearing foundation because the CPAP machine leaves big red pressure marks on my face when I wake up. before that I'd just moisturize and put on powder, then i moved to a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen. Clinique's City Block is great, but they reformulated and it's a touch too oily for me now :(