Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the boook was better episode 8: crossroads

After taking December off, and then missing our return date because I was disgustingly sick, my podcast (with Luke Milton) is BACK with a blistering look at the novelisation of the 2002 Britney Spears movie Crossroads! Learn about love, friendship and other totally girly stuff over at The Book Was Better.


Anonymous said...

Yeow! There’s a book of Crossroads?! So much awesomeness here people. Nice work! You obviously know a quality text when you find one. And now some additional facts from the Crossroads world from a seasoned veteran;

Mimi the white trash chick is played by Taryn Manning. You know, the chick who played the white trash ex-girlfriend of Eminem in 8 Mile and the white trash hooker in Hustle & Flow. But she would prefer that you remember her as the sassy lead singer of Boomkat! who are quoted as saying their influences are: "everything from The Beatles to A Tribe Called Quest to Motown to Depeche Mode to Oasis." Exactly.

Kim Cattrall was roped in to play Britney’s mum when Madonna pulled out. I imagine that Dan Ackroyd took on the role of her Dad when Justin Long was deemed too young to play the dad but too old to play Britney’s love interest. Wait...what?

The wardrobe dept was the only good thing about this movie. I have NEVER seen such fine continuity in a film that’s so crap. The knickers that are peeking out of Britney’s pants in the final scene are the same one’s she was wearing back in Bumfuck, Missouri at the start of the movie. Genius!

I laughed, I cried, I learnt to always have gas money so I don’t have to whore myself out on a stage at a truckstop. And never drop your keys. Good times people. See you for Crossroads 2. I’m sure the book will be better.

Jessica McLeod said...

WOW, that is not so much a comment as an essay! You need to start a Crossroads blog ;) Thanks for your input and I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast!