Monday, July 9, 2012

my etsy favourites: things i'm not allowed to buy

I have too many Things. Some big things, but mostly small things, things that don't have any use and take a lot of dusting. My husband was looking for some Useful Thing the other day and found a ceramic cat playing a violin. For some reason this was the last straw and he is now convinced that I have too many things. (I agree, but that cat has REAL WHISKERS. And several bandmates. I'm not getting rid of the cat.)

So when I see Things on Etsy that I want, I add them to my favourites. It's like walking around a shop, filling your cart and then abandoning it. It's almost satisfying.

Plus, I have all these Things ready to buy when I move into a mansion.

The only thing better than vintage Disney merchandise is vintage knock-offs of Disney merchandise. This little plastic box is so sweet, I wish I had room on my dressing table for it.

These gorgeous seasonal fashion cushions from Indonesian artist Nitchii are hand-drawn originals and only $25 each! Autumn is my favourite, but I'm not allowed to buy any more cushions.

This vintage pretzel tin is only $15, but it would cost about twice that to ship it to Australia. Seriously, look at those colours! That mod design! Those Amish! Check out the listing, it has more gorgeous designs, and if you're in the US and you don't buy it you're crazy.

If there's one thing I love, it's elderly sailors. I wish I had this little guy on my desk to steer me through my day!

Speaking of elderly sailors, how great is this guy?!? I love vintage cross-stitch, too. Sadly, he's sold. The downside of the Etsy favourites list, I guess.

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Jade Carver said...

Oh man, my Etsy favourites list is about 7 pages long :/