Thursday, November 22, 2012

holiday: south-western australia

We wanted to have one last little holiday before the baby comes, so we went south to Bridgetown. We like old-people holidays: driving to a small town, staying in a little house, driving around to other small towns. We like to go into op-shops and look at old buildings and funny little museums and take photos of fallen logs. Then at night we like to read and go to bed early. We have very convenient tastes for people without much money and with a baby on the way.

Here are a few photos I took of spring in the south-west of Western Australia.

 Protea in a garden in Donnybrook.

I don't know what these papery flowers are (they look like fruit trees) but they're beautiful. They line the main street of Bridgetown and the effect is amazing.

Who is this little guy? I don't know. But I like him.

Beedelup Falls near Pinjarra - beautiful.

I like moss, I guess.

Egg & bacon bush! One of the few wildflowers I can recognise.

Fungus is great.

Close-up on moss on a log.

One of my family traditions is that every time one of us goes on holiday we have to take lots of photos and have a slide show when they return. When I was putting together photos for this trip my husband asked, "Do you think they'll be interested in those ones?" I said, "I don't care, they have to look at them. That's what family is for."


Amy said...

Yaay, love pictures of plants. Your pink flowered trees look like a variety of cherry (Prunus) that have lots of petals. Here's a pic I took for comparison:

Lisa said...

Your photos are so pretty ^_^ And your holiday sounds like the perfect kind of holiday - what could beat op-shops and mossy logs? (That sounds kinda sarcastic, but I'm actually serious.) ^_^