Friday, April 4, 2008

banana bread

I have been making this delicious banana bread on the weekends. It's really easy and satisfying to make, it's pretty healthy, and it's a great snack to have on hand. It's also good to take a slice to work for morning tea-- it lasts for days. You can find the recipe here. I have been experimenting with replacing the white self-raising flour with wholemeal. The first time I tried 100% wholemeal, which was a bit much-- the bread was dry and chewy. Last time I used 1 cup white and 3/4 cup wholemeal, which was a nice compromise.


Emily said...

You should try adding some chopped walnuts! Walnuts + Banana loaf = BFFs

Pam Hawk said...

Hi Jessica -

This looks yummy. Would you mind sharing your recipe and this photo as one of the weekly recipes on my Plate Diaries blog? I'm looking for recipes and photos to give people more ideas about what to put on their plates. Just leave me a comment on one of my blogs... (click my name above to see my list of blogs)