Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#beautifulinsideandout week 2

Ha ha, the fact that I am posting my Motivation Monday post on Tuesday is a good indicator of how I am doing!

My goals for last week were:
  • Exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes
  • Record calories eaten
How did I do?

Um... OK. I recorded my calories each day that I was at a computer, using Calorie King (which I highly recommend for Australians). It did help me make better choices, and I learned that some things I assumed were healthy were actually far too large for one meal. I didn't manage to do it every day, though, so I'll make more of an effort this week.

I exercised twice: Pilates for an hour on Wednesday and walking for 40 minutes on Friday. I was having a really stressful day on Wednesday and doing Pilates at lunch was fantastic: everything melted away and I completely relaxed. Work is very intense at the moment so I really need to step up the exercise to combat this.

Grade: C-

This week I am going to try to meet those goals, and am adding another goal:
  • Cut out lollies and sugary drinks
I am a bit addicted to sugar. I've wanted to wean myself off for a while now, and I just found out via Dempeaux that eating sugar damages collagen in the skin, so that's an extra motivation. I'm not trying to cut it out altogether, just the extra sugar I consume in lollies and the occasional soft drink.


dempss01 said...

Sounds like you're doing really well! I struggle with the sugar thing too. In the morning I have porridge with honey, because at least it's sugar wrapped in some nutrition. I've been eating mandarins as a mid-morning snack (again, 'natural' sugar, but at least they have some nutrition), salad with lashings of salami and cheese for lunch, natural yoghurt with goji berries, chia seeds, and crushed whole grains (with a little honey) as a snack, then salad (and whatever protein is going) for tea. Believe it or not, this is a sugary improvement! Lots of water and milky, unsweetened coffee during the day. Exercise = feeding the sheep andd walking around the paddock four times ;)

I've cut right down on refined carbs too because they make me so sleepy after I eat them! They're just as bad as sugar for me.

Suzanne said...

whoa. you're doing way better than I am. Though I DID do a one hour DVD-pilates thing! and now my bum and stomach hurt, which tells me I did it right! :D Trying to have it as an option when its too rainy and horrible to venture out.

All bets were off this week for me foodwise - Lukes birthday, etc. Fingers crossed this coming week will be better.

Jessica McLeod said...

Sarah: Thanks love! Your diet sounds frighteningly nutritious and sensible.I have a bunch of stupid food intolerances (which I should probably write about at some point) but I have noticed that full-fat yoghurt seems to be OK for me, so I might try that for a snack. Whole grains FTW!

Jessica McLeod said...

Suzanne: Pilates is amazing! Keep at it, you will really be amazed at how strong you can become :)

I had some really naughty days last week too, but writing down everything I eat has made me more aware of them and more determined to avoid them...

dempss01 said...

It's okay, and suits me quite well at the moment. I have to eat well because I'm quite a sickly thing. Nothing big, but just a series of small things that become more difficult if I eat badly: migraines, poor digestion, predisposition to get every cold/ flu going around etc etc. Eating well makes me feel much better. Please write about your food intolerances - I'd be interested to read about them! :D