Tuesday, August 23, 2011

street style: lady at the bus stop

I was going to draw what I wore today, but an elderly lady I saw at the bus stop on the way home was way too stylish for me not to draw!

This lady was on top of all the current fashion trends:

    •    Bright colours
    •    Colour blocking
    •    Fake fur
    •    Socks with open shoes

She also had a purple belt, not shown. I wanted to ask her if I could take her photo but I thought it might be difficult to explain blogging and street style and why a total stranger was asking to take a photo of her outfit, and I was worried that she might think I was making fun of her. I am so completely serious when I say that she looked awesome, and I hope I dress in such an exciting and fun way when I am her age!
I had so much fun drawing her that I even made up a Polyvore set of her clothes (substituting a headband for her cheery orange hair):


VijiiS said...

Love the picture you drew! =D

Lily said...

hehe cuuuute! I love old ladies who clearly put masses of effort into their outfits. Did she have one of those wheely shopping trolley thingies?

Anonymous said...

I love this! Do them all the time :)

Suzanne said...

I find the drawn recap way more fun. i hope to one day wear something so awesome that I get drawn.

Jessica McLeod said...

Thanks so much guys! I loved drawing her and I'll try to do more in the future, but drawings do take a lot longer than photos (and I'm a bit nervous about offending people when I draw them) :P