Monday, November 7, 2011

commonwealth festival

Two weeks ago the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) was held in Perth. (I never got sick of hearing that acronym. Choggem! Choggem! Choggem!) Perth hoisted up its stockings and tarted itself up for the international visitors, including a Commonwealth Festival which took place in the Cultural Centre. I was drawn there by the international food stalls (OMG best takoyaki ever!) but there was a lot of nice stuff going on, and I took some pretty photos.

I bought the takoyaki at a stand with these beautiful vintage painted paddles and a great handpainted sign:


Context is everything: this cabbage moth is so pretty in the middle of the city and so evil in my vegetable garden.

I loved the suitcase plantings, especially the ones paired with paintings.
Kittey Malarvie, 'Sturt Creek,' 2011

Louise Malarvie, 'Bush Orange,' 2011.

Kangaroo paws.


This is a native plant called the Bacon & Egg plant!

One of the most striking features was this Ford Falcon painted by Charles (Jdudin) Riley, a Nyoongar artist. Every inch was decorated, inside and out, even the engine!

He also painted these beautiful ukuleles.

These beautiful hand puppets were at the UthandoProject stall. 



Suzanne said...

the lion is crying!! :( :(

love these photos! sadly I avoided perth like the plague during Chogm. Though I enjoyed the big PERTH hollywood-style signage near the belltower.

Jessica McLeod said...

I'm glad I work in the city, otherwise I would never have gone in :P

Peacenik said...

Hey Ms Bee. Long time listener first time caller.

I too loved the suitcases and was lucky enough to be watching while a big group of CHOGM visitors from Ghana stopped to touch and sniff and admire the native plants. Just lovely to see.

But my favourite thing about CHOGM was the Holly-Perth sign. We gotta start a petition to make it stay people. It’s gonna put us on the map!