Thursday, November 24, 2011

i'm back!

Looking at the date of my last post I see that I have been neglecting this blog for over two weeks! I am so sorry. I have been in HELL, also known as trying to move house in two weeks. I looked on Google image search for pictures to use for this post and tried 'despair,' 'pain' and 'tearing out hair,' but it was all pretty depressing so I decided to use pictures of the famousest cat on the Internet, Maru. For the last few weeks I have been as obsessed with boxes as Maru, so it seemed fitting.

The process was really overwhelming. I am a bit of a collector/packrat/hoarder, and in the end we gave away nearly a bookcase's worth of books to the Save the Children book sale, 2 carloads of various things to the op shop, a few more boxes to family and friends, and also rented a skip bin for the rubbish that had managed to accumulate in the house. Moving is good for making you brutal; when you look at something and think, can I be bothered packing, moving and unpacking this? you find it a lot easier to get rid of it.

Today I read a great comic about moving and things and attachment which really spoke to me. Stuff No-one Told Me is a really great comic by Alex Noriega (whose girlfriend Iris Yan has her own, equally awesome comic, Pigs in Maputo).

I want to try to hold on to this feeling and not keep blindly accumulating things I don't need.


Suzanne said...

how does the new place rate for storage? we threw out a huge amount of stuff, only to find that the new place had so much storage we had empty cupboards everywhere. which is an open invitation to fill them. which is dangerous :(

the end is in sight! you'll be glad you did when its over :( we should go out to dinner on a cooking-is-too-hard-because-we're-moving night.

Michelle said...

That cat! Oh my.

I am right there with you on the moving makes you realise you need to throw shit out (as it is the lesser effort at the end of the day) as I'm in the thick of moving house right now. One tip: do not pack your kettle. You will regret it. d:

Lisa said...

Hi Jessica! I have been doing the creep thing and reading massive amounts of your past posts. I have never watched ANTM before, but I feel like I might need to, for the hilarity alone. I hope you had a really great time at the craft fair this week! I have named my rabbit, her name is now Esther, and she is sitting on my red typewriter and looking very cute ^_^