Sunday, October 2, 2011

asos curve

I've bought a couple of pairs of pants and a skirt from Asos Curve and I've been really happy with them. Now I'm looking at summer clothes and since I can't afford everything I want I thought I'd post about them. Blogging therapy instead of retail therapy!

Printed Dress with Pussybow, $90.89

I have to say I am not a huge fan of the term 'pussybow', but I do love the way they look! This is the style of dress that suits me best, an empire line. This looks like a cute work dress and comfy for summer.

Colourblock Dress $74.36

This would do nothing for my figure but I love it anyway! I don't think I'm brave enough to buy it without trying it on, though.

Heart Print Trousers, $41.31

What is wrong with me? I hate high-waisted trousers, I hate printed pants... but these are calling to me. I can't pull this off! Leave me alone, printed pants! 

Bow Dress with Empire Line, $66.10

This also comes in a dark purple but I am crazy for orange right now! This is super-cute but I don't know how it would look with my fat tummy. On the other hand who cares.

Tea Dress with Scallop Detail Collar, $49.58

This looks super-cute on the model but I'm not sure where the waist would hit me because I am a shortass. The midi-skirt I bought is almost ankle length on me!

Mustard Skinny Jean, $57.84

I have never bought or even tried on skinny jeans, but these are MUSTARD! Please talk me out of buying them. I think I really want mustard yellow leggings but I am pretty sure there is a gulf of comfort between leggings and skinny jeans.


dempss01 said...

This is such a lovely selection! I LOVE the orange dress - you must get that one! I'm always drawn to those colourblock shift dresses too, but they do nothing for me! Everything seems to hang from my boobs :( Great list!

Karthik said...
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Ki said...

Oops posted from my husband's profile :P

the mustard pants look great but they are a little on the costly side! Plus I bought purple pants from asos that ended up really baggy in the waist and weird in the crotch :(

teriyakibroth said...

Oh my. The money I could spend on that site.

Jessica McLeod said...

Sarah: I bought the orange dress and I hold you responsible!

Ki: Hmm, I usually like wide, relaxed fit pants so the ones I've bought from Asos have been great, but it does seem like a bad idea to buy really tight fitted pants over the net now that you mention it :P


teriyakibroth said...

Yeah I just bought curve full skirt dress in more online shopping for a bit. :)

Jessica McLeod said...

Whoah, time for me to start getting a commission! ;D You are going to look super-cute!