Monday, October 10, 2011

nails: disco ball

I was so excited when I saw that my beloved Rimmel had brought out a glitter polish, Disco Ball! I have wanted to try one for a while but Rimmel is my go-to trusted brand so I snatched it up.

This was my first time using a glitter polish, and I was a bit naive. I assumed that my nails would look like the bottle, ie densely glittery. What I should have realised is that when you look at the bottle, you're looking at a gazillion layers of nailpolish! The photo above shows 5 layers, which is a LOT. I really didn't love the way it looked on my bare nails, so I took it off.

Did I mention this was the first time I had tried glitter nailpolish?

I generally use acetone-free pads to remove nailpolish. This stuff instantly ripped them to shreds! I had to break out the evil nailpolish remover and even then it was ripping the hell out of the cotton pads I was using. I think in the future I'll have to have a bit of towel or flannel I can throw away afterwards. That stuff is a bitch!

I tried Disco Ball again over a silver polish from the OPI Nicole range that I got in my Lust Have It sample box.

It looked... okay. Again, I didn't love it. The OPI polish started to chip pretty fast and the overall effect was kind of tacky.

Despite vowing 'never again' as I once more struggled to get it off, once I looked at a few photos online I realised that I could get a really pretty effect with this polish by layering it with other colours.

ookka on Flickr achieved a sophisticated look that is actually quite close to the way it looks in the bottle by layering it over grey polish. (Check out her photostream for amazing nail photos!)

Zoe from Girl in a Teeny Town layered it over a pretty lilac colour (and added bling!) for a sweet and pretty effect.

Jenni from Gold Speck Nails achieved this amazing space effect by layering Disco Ball and a finer glitter (Maybelline Colorama Ice Princess) over an indigo polish. Gorgeous!

I'll definitely be keeping it in my collection and trying it again over other colours. I bet it would look really awesome on toes, too. Hmmm...


Suzanne said...

I must say I avoid the glitter nailpolish for the removal issue. Also I get creeped out how sandpapery my nails feel while they're painted - much happier with the shimmery metallics!

Jessica McLeod said...

Yeah, I can see that. I put a couple of top coats on to smooth it out, but the removal was hell :P But I love the idea of Space Nails!

Jennius said...

Awh thanks for the mention! :] I actually likeit over the OPI Silver.

dempss01 said...

You've reminded me that I have to put my China Glaze Ruby Pumps on again. It's so beautiful over Zoya Isla, and the 'normal' polish as the first coat makes it easier to remove. This one doesn't feel rough either!

Jessica McLeod said...

Jenni: No worries, you have a great blog! :)

Sarah: Ooh, I just looked that up, it's super pretty!

ooka said...

Thank you about this ! (: